Christmas Poultry 2019

Christmas 2019 orders are now being taken

To order please come into shop as we require a £20 cash or card deposit.

Alternatively you can call us and order. We require a £50 card deposit on all phone orders. This is due to the high volume of orders that have not been collected in previous years. Please check the guide below before calling to make your ordering much easier. We regret that we cannot take orders by e-mail or social media.

Godwick Free Range Turkeys is a family run Norfolk business specialising in producing quality free range turkeys for Christmas. This will be the fourth year that Godwick have been supplying us so that we can provide your families with great tasting succulent Christmas turkey. We guarantee a Godwick free range turkey will not disappoint. All our Norfolk black and bronze turkeys are dry plucked by hand and hung for 14 days in the traditional way to guarantee a rich tasting, succulent meat. Just the way it should be.
Godwick Free Range turkeys are grown to maturity, which is a minimum of 26 weeks old, this means they have developed a natural covering of fat making the meat succulent and juicy unlike the Immature turkeys in the supermarket, grown to 12-16 weeks old with no fat coverings.
Secure fencing allows our turkeys 24 hours access to pastures. This allows them to enjoy the great outdoors and they display more natural behaviour patterns.
All our turkeys can go outside during the day and can come in at night to spacious barns.
Prepared at Godwick with minimum stress to the bird.

Whole turkeys
4.5kg-5kg Feeds 8 - 10 (approx price) £68
5kg-6kg Feeds 10 -12 (approx price) £79
6.5kg-6.5kg Feeds 12 - 14 (approx price) £89
7kg Feeds 14 - 16 (approx price) £100
8kg Feeds 16 - 18 (approx price) £115
9kg Feeds 18 - 20 (approx price) £125
10kg Feeds 20 - 22

Boneless breast roasts
2.5kg Feeds 8 - 10 (approx price) £53
3.5kg Feeds 12 - 14 (approx price) £75
4.5kg Feeds 16 - 18 (approx price) £97

Bone in Crowns
3.5kg Feeds 6 - 8 (approx price) £70
4.5kg Feeds 8 - 10 (approx price) £89
5.5kg Feeds 10 - 12 (approx price) £109
6.5kg Feeds 12 - 14 (approx price) £129

Please note that this guide is for one meal. If you require leftovers then we recommend that you increase the size.


Our free range chicken comes from the Lloyd family farm at Cilshafe Isaf in the foothills of the Preseli Mountains, overlooking Pembrokeshire's beautiful Fishguard Bay. The Farm Fresh Free Range Chickens are reared with love and care for more than twice as long as mass produced birds. This slow growth, quality of life and beautiful environment give the birds an outstandingly succulent texture and superior depth of flavour.

Martin and Danielle Lloyd, rear all the poultry themselves and prepare them for sale in their specially created on farm processing unit.
As they are responsible for the whole process of rearing, feeding cleaning and finishing the birds they have a high standard of care and a great pride in the end product.

SIZES 2.5kg - 4-4.5kg £9.00kg


We source our free frange geese from husband and wife team, Daryn and Elaine Williams.
Their geese are bred from their own breeding flock, and hatched, reared and processed on their farm, over-looking the Wye Valley.

Once the birds are feathered up and need more space they are let out to run around and forage on the grassy fields to allow the birds to grow slowly to full maturity, they are fed a natural diet of Maize silage, Wheat, Barley, and oats, which creates a fat marbling through out the meat, producing a concentrated flavour, for you to enjoy.

4kg-5kg Feeds 4 (approx price) £60
5kg Feeds 6 (approx price) £75
6kg - 6.5kg Feeds 8 (approx price) £92

We source our free frange ducks from husband and wife team, Daryn and Elaine Williams in the Wye valley.

They receive the Ducklings as day old's and are kept in small ring batches under a gas brooder to eliminate cold spots and over crowding, they have formulated a cereal based diet to achieve a slow growing process to offer a fat marbling concentrated flavour.

When fully feathered and mature enough they then venture out on our grassy fields

At full maturity with no food miles they are collected out of there sheds to our EC Licence factory, dry plucked, waxed and hand finished ready for the Christmas table.

2.5kg Feeds 4 (approx price) £25
3kg Feeds 5 (approx price) £30