Himalayan Salt Dry Aged Beef

"Martin, those steaks were wonderful. Really soft, sweet flavour with a delicate depth" - Tom Parker Bowles, food writer

We have always taken pride in the steak we sell and always insist on selling the finest Welsh beef we can get our hands on using only trusted producers.

We have always dry aged our steak cuts on the bone and have won many awards for it but now we have decided to take it to the next level with the addition of our Himalayan salt wall ageing chamber. This with the addition of a UV sterilising unit, this ageing chiller will be second to none.

Unlike the many small display ageing cabinets seen in many butchers shops we have the space to continually mature our beef with a regular supply for our customers.


REDUCE MOISTURE - Excess moisture is drawn out of the beef through the salty atmosphere. Air humidity is lowered, and in turn, the meat imparts its moisture into the air.

TENDERISE - The dry environment salt walls maintain, promotes the desired chemical reactions to take place within the meat. This includes the denaturing of protein fibres, which tenderises the meat to provide a heightened level of succulence.

ANTI - MICROBIAL - The use of Himalayan salt wall in our maturation chamber creates an anti - microbial environment which prevents bad bacterial growth and adds the possibility of maturing the beef for longer.

GREAT STEAKS - The culmination of these benefits a salt wall brings to the chamber leads to a truly exquisite flavour only obtained from this process.


Sirloin, rump, fillet, rib eye, Côte de boeuf, Picanha, Chateaubriand, Carvery rib.